The Extra Mile

Magically making my shiny new website has given me the opportunity to reflect on the lovely reviews Susie's received over the years. The reviews are not only heart-warming and encouraging but they've helped shape the perfect Susie Sparkles party formula of a little magic, a lot of hard work and my ethos 'going the extra mile'. 

I love hearing what a fun time everyone had and that the birthday girl "is absolutely besotted with you and dresses up like Susie Sparkles almost every day" or that a guest 'told his mum that he NEEDS a Susie Sparkles party" and that Mums have "done parties in the past where it has been terribly stressful but today we actually sat and enjoyed the party!!"

It makes me so happy when parents notice "all the little details and personal touches" that made their parties so unique and special. And, I really love hearing that after a party planning session, when the party is still 6 weeks from happening, that the children 'had so much fun and haven't stopped talking about you!!'

"Thank you so much for coming & discussing the party with Lucy last Friday. She loved meeting you & has told everyone that she has seen since that Susie Sparkles is coming to her party to entertain her friends!"

But, there were a few comments in my reviews that really highlight for me the Susie ethos of always going the extra mile at her events and for new friends.

 "She was committed and was the first to arrive and the last to leave making sure that every child went away happy" 
 "Thanks also for cleaning up afterwards – not sure the garden was ever that neat!"

 This one made me laugh, and those who know me well will find it funny too! You can't stop me from tidying, even when I'm a princess, in a beautiful ball gown! 

"You had such a great way with them and the fact that within no time at all you knew all their names was very impressive – it made the whole party feel very warm and personal so thank you for that."

Lots of people mention my memory for names which is so helpful for parties but honestly, it's not something I learnt a special technique for the kids are just so memorable.

"They just couldn't understand how Rapunzel knew all their names - but then I guess you should never ask a princess where she get's her magic from!"

Nothing stops Susie from getting to a party!

"I hope that you have managed to recover from your throat infection and that you are back to full fitness again."

In 10 years I have never missed a party and have only once considered that I might be unfit to host. I was practically deaf! But, luckily I spoke to the family and they rallied like troopers and like all good shows - the show went on. Although, on a few occasions the birthday child has been too unwell for their own party. It's just the worst - and Susie feels so terrible that sometimes she'll just turn up at your house with chocolate buttons to make it a little bit better.

Just to confirm we are okay swapping to 22 December for Abby’s party. Thank you for being so flexible, and a big thank you for calling in on Saturday! It hasn't been easy keeping Abby cheerful, and I think you got the biggest smile all day.  It was very thoughtful of you. Hopefully she will be back to school tomorrow! Thanks again and speak soon
Claire x

So, there you go trumpet well and truly blown hope you didn't mind too much but I truly love being Susie Sparkles and feel very honoured to be invited to share families special days and help them make such wonderful memories.

 "Calm, magical, exciting, unique, interesting and very special. Just perfect"

If you've got a review you want to share with me, please visit the reviews page and fill in the form. Susie loves getting mail from her friends. 

Love from,