Top 5 Simple Party Game Hacks

If you're looking for inspiration rather than an entertainer this article is just for you.

Party games for large groups of children need to have structure but they also need to be all fun so here are my top five party game hacks to liven up traditional party games and keep the fun, rather than the tears, flowing.

  1. Musical statues with tickling feathers. Tell the children that you think the game is too easy and when the music stops not only should they freeze but they should also prepare to be tickled. Gigglers can then join the tickling team and be given a feather rather than being out of the game.
  2. If any children are feeling a bit nervous and are on the outskirts of the party giving them a feather during musical statues often helps them feel a bit braver. Another good job for children who aren't quite sure they want to join in is Official Sweetie Tester.
  3. Pass the parcel is the classic children's party game but if we're honest doesn't it get a bit dull? Try putting notes into the layers with little dares on them so the children have to do something silly to earn their lollipop.
  4. Oh and always have lollipops as the sweets for Pass the Parcel so that at a glance you can see who hasn't had a turn. 
  5. Buy a kazoo! They're fun, they're silly and a quick little fanfare makes sure all eyes are on you again.

I hope these 5 hacks are useful. I'd love to hear your party hacks. 

Love from,