The Man Behind The Mask

Hello! This is a post for the delightfully curious friends of Susie Sparkles who are wondering "Who is this mysterious man who has stolen Susie's heart?"

Well to start that story you have to go back ten years to a village hall in Bramham, when magic met mischief and Susie spied her Jester in his preferred habitat. On stage, flouncing about in an extravagant costume! He was hilarious and handsome and the children in the audience adored him and so did Susie. But life being the complicated beast that it is they were destined to be simply friends for a long time after.

Friends and business colleagues though as whenever Susie needed a pirate or a super hero she knew just who would be eager to take on the role. He even enjoyed the times Susie dressed him up in mascot costumes as Peppa Pig and Minnie Mouse and those costumes aren't easy y'know! You can't see, you can't talk and boy do they get sweaty! But our Jester was a master at it! Professionally speaking he was a terrific find! Fun, great with kids and up for anything!

His acting skills and background in performing make him a natural as a party host, his love of costumes and skill at making them is an incredible bonus and the fact that he's a big kid at heart and knows everything about most party themes is amazing! Whether it's the world of Disney princesses or Power Rangers and Star Wars you can't stump him! Susie's knowledge of super heroes has always been a bit sketchy to be honest and Power Rangers has her at a complete loss and so our mischievous Jester makes for the perfect partner and teacher.

10 after RF-Scan-blur.jpg

So not only has the Jester (also known as Shane Huby) stolen my heart but he will also be captain of the good ship Magic and Mischief for the next few months while I'm taking my maternity leave.

It's going to be such an exciting year for us both and I don't think it's going too far to say that all our dreams are starting to come true! We really hope to see you this year and that you'll be a part of this next exciting stage of the Magic and Mischief journey. So if you need us to add Sparkles to your party don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

How can we make your dreams come true?

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