Susie's Sparkles party

Susie's typical party structure

2 hour party for children under 7 years old

Craft to suit theme

It could be snowflakes, superhero masks or even sweetie making, Susie always finds a craft table is a lovely way to start a party. Filling that awkward arrival time and allowing Susie to win over guests as she greets them in character and often with a bag full of sparkles.

Mini Disco and Party games to suit theme

Your host will make an official welcome and then fire up the bubble machine to encourage guests to join in some themed party games.  

Party tea and presentation of the birthday cake

Both of which Susie can also provide.


What better way to end a party than with a personalised story. It's a Frozen party? How about a story where the birthday girl is the daughter of Anna and Kristoff and has magical snow powers AND we get to sing Let it Go and make it snow!! Or perhaps our birthday boy would like to here a story about how the Jedi Knights trained him to defeat Darth Vader and then they have a light saber duel!!

Whatever the theme Susie will have a story just for you! 

Party Bag Hunt

To end the party in style Susie will arrange a treasure hunt with clues to follow to find our party bags. She can even supply the party bags for you!

Feeling inspired? 

Tell me all about your dream party and Susie can make your wish come true.